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My Forex CashBack FAQ

I keep hearing about pips in forex trading - What's a pip?

A pip in forex trading is the abbreviation of "Price Interest Points". Most forex traders count their profits and losses by counting pips. One pip is the smallest increment in any currency pair and represents one-hundredth (1/100) of one percent (1%). For example, if the AUD/USD currency pair was quoted as 0.8400, when a one pip movement can either be 0.8399 or 0.8401. Either move can be profitable and it depends whether if you were long or short on the trade.

This site is all about giving me cashback from my trades - so how much cash rebate am I entitled to?

The amount of cashback or rebate you receive from your forex trading is determined by the table to the right. The amount is largely by the volume of your trading per month and the number of lots.

How is the Cashback reimbursed back to me?

You will receive your cashback through PayPal only. For countries that do not have PayPal available to them, special arrangements can be made.

I already trade with Easy-forex, can I still get a cashback?

Unfortunately, at this time we can't offer a cashback on current clients of Easy-Forex.

How do I sign up to get cashback on my forex trading?

To join our forex cashback scheme, please follow the simple three step sign-up process. First, sign-up with the forex broker, then come back to register with us and finally begin to trade!

Is there any sign-up fees?

Abolutely not! Our service is free for all forex traders.

Is Easy-Forex reputable and safe to deal with?

Absolutely! Easy-Forex is compliant to many strict goverment laws regarding investments and trading in multiple countries such as USA and Australia. They have a partnership with UBS as their forex liquidity provider.

In Australia, they have AFS Licence 246566 and have the respective Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide required by law available on their Australian website. They are also a member of FICS (Financial Industry Complaints Service) in Australia. In USA, they are listed with the National Futures Association: NFA ID 0358754. In the UK they have FSA 462083.

Easy-Forex also has a worldwide network of offices in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.

If you run into any problems, have anyother questions or comments, we welcome your feedback about our forex cashback service. Please contact us through the contact form.

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*$12 cashback is based on the maximum cashback available per return lot as shown on the cashback table.